Silent Circle To Present At The Unleashing Innovation In Cyber Security 2017 Summit

Silent Circle’s Chief Strategy Officer, Joshua Konowe, will present at the Unleashing Innovation in Cyber Security 2017 Summit.

The Unleashing Innovation in Cyber Security 2017 Summit will be held October 19-20, 2017 in Amsterdam. Threats from cyber criminals have never been so sophisticated or so prevalent. The Summit aims to provide organizations from all industries with innovative strategies and techniques, in order to help them stay ahead of constantly evolving cyber threats. Speakers will share tactics designed to mitigate risk and to better detect, prevent and protect against cyber attacks.

The Equifax data breach which exposed the personal information of nearly half of all Americans has been well documented in recent news. Like other well-publicized cyber attacks, it gives rise to many questions and concerns relating to data security risk resilience and threat protection. What vulnerabilities lie within your own corporate data warehouse, and how can you safeguard your data? Joshua Konowe, Chief Strategy Officer of Silent Circle, will address these questions and more during his presentation at the Unleashing Innovation in Cyber Security 2017 Summit.

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