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The SCircle Network

Joining Silent Circle puts your organization in an exclusive network – the SCircle. You’ll be joining the many other like-minded businesses, NGOs, and governments who have committed to preserving their secrets, their reputation, their intellectual property, and the privacy of their users.

Using Silent Phone, your team’s users can contact others in the SCircle with complete peace of mind that your communications are secure.

Once your team has joined Silent Circle, other organizations in the SCircle can contact your team’s users if they know your usernames. To make it possible for others to find your users by searching by name, you can make your users public in the SCircle Directory.

Opting out of the SCircle Network

When your team’s users are managed by Silent Manager, they are never searchable by name in the SCircle Directory. However, these users can contact and be contacted by users in other organizations by knowing each other’s username.

If you want your team’s users completely disconnected from the SCircle, we offer Circle-in-Circle. Circle-in-Circle is a virtual on-prem solution that fully isolates your users from the rest of our network.

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