Silent Circle Privacy Policy

Our business is to encrypt and secure your communications. We take this very seriously. The protection of your communications is what we do best.

Accepting payments may require us to collect very basic personal data such as email addresses and card information. This payment information is only shared with our payment processor, and only to complete the transaction required to get you access to Silent Circle services. We want to hold the least amount of data as possible.

You may notice that the pages on our main web site pull in javascript files from a third party. This allows our web developers and sales people to better know the effectiveness of certain web pages, and how to make the information easier to find for our enterprise customers. In discussions with the third party, we are convinced that the information being used is the minimum possible, and that it is being managed with appropriate care.

We will not sell or rent your personal information to anyone.

As a Silent Circle member, you trust us with your most protected data and deserve exceptionally high quality service in return. Your trust is a privilege that we work to earn every day with a relentless focus on security, simplicity, and service.

Website Privacy

You may be asking, “Isn’t it strange for a privacy company to track its website visitors?” The answer is, we want to make it easier for our website visitors — that’s you — to find information about our products and services. To do that, we collect data about visitors to our website and how they’re using it via cookies. But we’re still a privacy company; we exist to give you control over your data. That includes being transparent about the data collection that we do. We believe that transparency and choice are important, so this page outlines what we track.

Google Analytics and Piwik

Google Analytics is a cloud service provided by Google which we use to track visitor behavior and engagement across all pages of and our Shopify store.

Piwik is an open source analytics tool that we host on our own server.

It respects browsers’ “Do Not Track” settings. We use Piwik as a back-up reporting tool tracking visitor behavior and engagement across all pages of


DoubleClick is an advertising server that we use to serve our online ads.