Deploy, manage, report

Silent Manager lets you create and manage users and groups, delegate administration, implement and enforce policies, assign licenses, remotely wipe data, and handle other administrative tasks for your organization.

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    Zero-touch deployment

    Use Silent Manager to deploy Silent Phone to your organization. Create users in bulk, one at a time, or via automatic provisioning with Single Sign-On.

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    Remote wipe

    When a device is lost or compromised, you want its sensitive data destroyed immediately. Silent Manager lets you remotely wipe all Silent Phone data from any device in your organization.

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    Virtual On-Prem

    Get all the benefits of an on-premises installation without the expense and hassle of building and maintaining your own infrastructure. Silent Circle's Circle-in-Circle technology puts a wall around your users and gives you complete control in Silent Manager.

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Advanced user management

With Silent Manager, all user management happens in one place. Users can be added in bulk, one at a time, or automatically via integration with your existing corporate identity provider using Single Sign-On. Making changes is easy with advanced search and bulk updates.

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Create groups and delegate

Silent Manager lets you organize your users into groups. You can appoint team leaders for each group and delegate group administration to these leaders. Silent Manager also makes it easy to apply policy changes to entire groups.

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Manage calling plans

Silent World lets your users make calls to and receive calls from normal mobile and landline numbers with Silent Phone. Using Silent Manager, you can assign plans to each user and track usage.

World-class support

As a Silent Circle customer, you'll have a dedicated client liaison and direct access to our highly-trained support specialists.

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Don't fall for "free"

Free apps are fine for consumers with light security needs. When your organization needs assured security, dedicated support, and key enterprise features like Single Sign-On, Remote Wipe, Virtual On-Prem, user administration, policy enforcement, and reporting, you need premium security from Silent Circle.

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