Enterprise Solutions For Secure Communications And Protection From Data Compromise

In today’s mobile-first world, the threats organizations face are changing faster than ever. Our enterprise products and solutions are an essential complement to your existing security infrastructure, ensuring secure communications while guarding against malicious device compromise and cyber threats, as well as inadvertent data breaches that may occur from remote staff, teleworkers, contractors, supplier and third-party vendors. Learn more about our enterprise security products and solutions below.


Protect what must be kept private with Blackphone 2.

Built from the ground-up for privacy, the award-winning Blackphone 2 is now more affordable at $599.

Blackphone is the world’s first smartphone built from the ground up to be private by design. Now with a faster processor, more RAM and a larger display.

Blackphone 2

Built from the ground-up to be private by design, our award-winning smartphone provides enterprise-grade security with no compromises on productivity. Blackphone integrates with leading MDM systems and the Android for Work program.

Silent OS

Blackphone’s Android-based operating system has the world’s fastest vulnerability management and is built for privacy and flexibility. Use the spaces feature to create multiple “virtual phones” on each device while keeping sensitive information separate.


Connect to the internet and transmit data securely, even over public WiFi, from any device from any location in the world. Our pocket-sized mobile firewall and VPN provides military-grade network security.

Silent Phone

Add enterprise-grade encryption to your existing iOS, Android or Silent OS mobile device with our peer-to-peer secure encryption application.

Silent Manager

Manage distributed users, groups, plans and policies across your enterprise from one central, user-friendly web-based service.

Silent World and

Communicate privately with mobile and landlines anywhere in the world, manage users from specific geographic regions or areas and protect users by whitelisting trusted organizations and individuals.

Enterprise Mobile Privacy Platform

Encrypt your conversation, video, text or teleconference end-to-end on our secure network. We will not hold or have access to the keys that encrypt your private communications.