Enterprise solutions for secure communications and protection from data compromise

In today’s mobile-first world, the threats organizations face are changing faster than ever. Our enterprise products and solutions are an essential complement to your existing security infrastructure, ensuring secure communications while guarding against malicious device compromise and cyber threats, as well as inadvertent data breaches that may occur from remote staff, teleworkers, contractors, suppliers and third-party vendors.

Silent Phone

Add enterprise-grade encryption to your existing Android or iOS mobile devices with our peer-to-peer secure messaging application. Along with Silent Phone’s management console, Silent Manager, enable your enterprise to:

  • Manage distributed users, groups, plans and policies from one central, user-friendly web-based service.

  • Communicate privately with mobile and landlines anywhere in the world, manage users from specific geographic regions or areas and protect users by whitelisting trusted organizations.

The best security solutions are Silent

Enterprise mobile security solutions should go unnoticed. This gives you the confidence to work with minimal risk while your privacy is protected. Today’s companies rely on mobile workers who need to stay connected. At the same time, the threat of cyber-attack has risen exponentially. The best solutions secure all areas of potential exposure such as free WiFi, international travel, information security and end-point IoT connections. For finance, defense, government contractors & agencies, healthcare, finance, and Fortune 500 organizations, benefits and top-grade security features:

  • Easy to download application

  • No training needed

  • Secure voice, video, messaging and conference

  • Secure all mobile endpoints

  • Fast enterprise-wide deployment

  • Web-based admin console

  • Encryption, enhanced ZRTP

  • Silent World calling plan

  • Security center

  • 72 hour vulnerability patching

  • Real time man-in-the-middle detection

Every day, businesses conduct activities that require privacy.

Silent Circle is deployed world-wide at full scale in both public and private organizations.

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