Silent Phone on iOS and Android devices.
End-to-end encrypted calling & messaging

Silent Phone

Communicate securely wherever you are in the world. Silent Phone delivers secure voice and video calling, messaging, file transfer, and more. End-to-end encryption makes sure no one can listen in.

Silent Phone on iOS and Android devices.


Silent Phone is easy to deploy and manage in your enterprise and requires no end-user training.

Unlimited user-to-user calling & messaging

Silent Phone users enjoy unlimited user-to-user calling and messaging from anywhere in the world.

No new hardware

Make secure calls with your existing Android and iOS devices without any custom hardware.

Globe with lines connecting specific locations.
Calls to mobiles & landlines

Silent World

Call anyone from anywhere. With Silent World, you can make calls to and receive calls from normal mobile and landline numbers from within Silent Phone.

Globe with lines connecting specific locations.

Call internationally with no roaming

Silent World calling plans let you make international calls to popular destinations in more than 80 countries with no roaming charges.

International phone numbers

Silent World lets you assign a phone number to each of your users. We offer numbers from many countries.

SS7 firewall

Protect your team from increasingly sophisticated SS7 attacks which can reveal your location.

Silent Manager's dashboard on a monitor.
Deploy & manage

Silent Manager

Silent Manager lets you create and manage users and groups, delegate administration, implement and enforce policies, assign licenses, remotely wipe data, and handle other administrative tasks for your organization.

Silent Manager's dashboard on a monitor.

Zero-touch deployment

Use Silent Manager to deploy Silent Phone to your organization. Create users in bulk, one at a time, or via automatic provisioning with Single Sign-On.

Remote wipe

When a device is lost or compromised, you want its sensitive data destroyed immediately. Silent Manager lets you remotely wipe all Silent Phone data from any device in your organization.

Virtual On-Prem

Get all the benefits of an on-premises installation without the expense and hassle of building and maintaining your own infrastructure.

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