Silent Circle Acquires Kesala And Is Featured On BBC Click

BBC Click, a weekly UK technology news television program, airs an exclusive first look at an exciting new mobile VPN product by Silent Circle.

BBC Click, a weekly television program that airs on the BBC and features coverage about developments in the world of technology, recently highlighted a soon-to-be released Silent Circle product during the Black Hat USA 2017 conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. The BBC Click segment, which aired on August 10, 2017, features a brand new mobile VPN product produced by Kesala, a startup that Silent Circle recently acquired. Silent Circle intends to release an updated version of Kesala’s product in September.

Silent Circle offered BBC Click an exclusive look at the currently unnamed product, a small black box the size of a matchbox, that gives people the opportunity for people to go “undercover” on the internet. This VPN and Wi-Fi hotspot gives users the chance to mask their location and the location of the people they are communicating with. Users can then take this VPN and connect it to a server, your laptop, a desktop, a smartphone and any IoT device.

The device was developed in and used by the NSA before its private sector debut and works like a mobile firewall which will encrypt up to five devices. When in use, all data from any devices gets encrypted while the user can communicate and share data through the secure VPN. More information about this new mobile VPN will be released within weeks.

Silent Circle’s innovative enterprise communications solutions including software, devices and services utilize quality encryption to maintain privacy and protect data. Learn more about Silent Circle’s products and solutions. View the entire BBC Click TV program here.