Silent Circle Prepares for Next Stage of Growth in Secure Enterprise Communications Market

Silent Circle prepares for its next stage of growth in the secure enterprise communications market. Read more.

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND, JUNE 17, 2016 -- Silent Circle, a pioneer in the Enterprise Privacy Platform (EPP) market, today announced that CEO and President Bill Conner has resigned and will hold an advisory role for the board and the company after driving the company’s successful transition to a global leader in secure mobile communications software and services.

“From day one, Silent Circle has established itself as a thought and technology leader in consumer privacy,” Conner said. “The team has now extended its privacy leadership into the enterprise as a secure communications SAAS company. I’m proud of what our team has accomplished in sales, service and financial performance over the last eighteen months. As an investor, I look forward to seeing Silent Circle capitalize on the explosively expanding market opportunities ahead.”

Having worked closely with Conner as General Counsel and a Silent Circle founding member, Matt Neiderman’s interim CEO leadership ensures a smooth transition. Directly involved in all aspects of the business since Silent Circle’s inception, Neiderman has substantial experience in helping guide rapidly growing multinational companies develop intellectual property portfolios; negotiating agreements with customers, partners and other key parties; establishing and expanding foreign offices; and managing direct compliance, tax, policy and employment issues.

“We live in a world where the requirement for robust privacy and security solutions can’t be overstated,” Neiderman said. “Based on its ZRTP cryptography protocol, Silent Circle sets the benchmark for secure, mobile communications software and services. Bill has done yeoman’s work here. We’ll miss his day-to-day presence.”

Joining Silent Circle in January 2015, following 25 years of experience in leadership positions with companies such as Entrust and Nortel, Conner quickly focused the company as an Enterprise Privacy Platform provider targeting enterprise, government and related customer organizations. This transition included defining the EPP market, building enterprise-grade products, and transforming the sales, service and support functions. Leading a corporate restructuring to improve profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flows, he oversaw the re-engineering and delivery of the award-winning new Blackphone 2; the development and launch of a unified multi-device Silent Phone app for iOS and Android; the development of an enterprise-ready Silent Manager enterprise management capability; and the migration from internal data centers to a secure, cloud-based infrastructure.

“The board and I are grateful for what Bill has achieved for our company, employees, customers, partners and investors,” said Silent Circle Co-founder and Chairman Mike Janke. “He has positioned us solidly as an enterprise SaaS company, while driving operational discipline and execution, financial refinement and an absolute customer-first sales focus. We’re thrilled he’ll remain in the roles of advisor, investor and friend.”

About Silent Circle

Silent Circle is a leader in enterprise privacy, delivered through a game-changing mobile ecosystem of software and services to build a fundamentally better mobile architecture. The company was co-founded by former Navy SEAL and security expert Mike Janke; Internet Hall of Famer Phil Zimmermann, developer of Silent Circle’s ZRTP cryptography protocol and co-founder of PGP Corporation; and Jon Callas, creator of Apple's whole disk encryption software and also a PGP Corporation co-founder. Silent Circle is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. Visit us at

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