Enterprise-grade encrypted voice, video, and messaging with Silent Phone

Whether traveling or working from home, Silent Phone keeps your team both connected and secure. Works on any Android or iOS device.

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Private calls to mobile and landline numbers

With Silent World, your traveling executives can call anyone from anywhere. Silent World extends the reach of Silent Phone so you can make calls to and receive calls from mobile and landline numbers.

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Deploy and manage across your enterprise

Silent Circle makes deployment and management simple, even in a complex enterprise. Silent Manager is a central tool for deploying and managing secure communications in your organization. With Single Sign-On, Remote Wipe, Virtual On-Prem, and more, you'll have all the tools you need.

Silent Circle is recognized as the world leader in enterprise privacy solutions

  • Info Security Products Guide 2018, Global Excellence, Gold Award
  • Cyber Security Excellence Awards 2018, Finalist
  • Last Gadget Standing 2018, Finalist
  • Infosec Awards 2018, Winner

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