Silent Circle Announces $50 Million in Series C Funding

Silent Circle announces $50 million in Series C funding, to be used for growth of mobile privacy product development, customer service and business development.

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND, Jul 15, 2016 -  Silent Circle, a pioneer in the mobile privacy market, today announced $50 million in Series C funding. Led by Santander Bank, the company will use the growth capital to expand product development, customer service, business development and marketing activities while eliminating its debt.

Silent Circle's Enterprise Privacy Platform (EPP) is the world's most robust suite of privacy applications, services and devices. Deployed in a range of end markets, the solution is available through an expanding roster of strategic partners worldwide.

"We all run our work and personal lives from our mobile devices," said Antony Barker, a Managing Director with Santander Bank. "That makes secure mobile communications an absolute must-have for a rapidly expanding number of companies, governments and individuals."

Cybersecurity investor Bob Ackerman, who joined the Silent Circle board as part of the recent investment round, noted the company's emergence as an industry leader: "Silent Circle is the thought leader in the space -- delivering field-proven technology, products and services that are secure, cost-effective, quick to deploy and easy to manage. I'm excited to be part of this team."

According to ABI Research, the mobile privacy market is expected to double by 2021. Notably, secure mobile revenues will exceed $19 billion (U.S.) in that same timeframe, with more than 20% of those dollars generated by secure voice and secure messaging.

"Today's announcement is a key milestone as we continue to set the bar for what's required in secure mobile communications," said Silent Circle Co-founder and Chairman Mike Janke. "Our growth in new customers, coupled with expanding engagements with our existing enterprise and government clients, underscores the pressing need for our Enterprise Privacy Platform and the business-critical value proposition it embodies."

Deployed around the globe, Silent Circle's EPP includes:

  • SoftwareSilent Phone  application providing secure calling, conferencing, messaging, file sharing and video, all available in minutes via a simple user download, with new enterprise features and functionality being added each month
  • DevicesBlackphone handset representing the world's most secure smartphone, based on an enhanced Android operating system
  • Encrypted Calling PlansSilent World providing out-of-theater secure calling to land and mobile lines of non-subscribers in more than 100 locations around the world
  • ServicesSilent Manager  delivering organization-wide user management via a web-based administration console

"Ensuring privacy in an increasingly mobile world is something every organization is wrestling with," said Silent Circle Interim CEO and General Counsel Matt Neiderman. "That's why our solution is built from the ground up for the mobile world. We'll use our new funding to bring even more first-to-market capabilities that deliver convenient and compliant enterprise communications with uncompromising security standards."

"Silent Circle's customers value the flexibility we offer in our platform," Neiderman continued. "Our software can reside on existing iOS or Android devices, or our Blackphone handset, and benefits from our zero-touch, organization-wide management capabilities. This allows enterprises and government agencies to provision users, enable single sign-on (SSO) and integrate our products into their existing infrastructures quickly and cost effectively. By doing so, we're enabling organizations to address their enterprise privacy requirements in an increasingly BYOD world."

**About Silent Circle **Silent Circle is a leader in enterprise privacy, delivered through a game-changing mobile ecosystem of software and services to build a fundamentally better mobile architecture. The company was co-founded by former Navy SEAL and security expert Mike Janke; Internet Hall of Famer Phil Zimmermann, developer of Silent Circle's ZRTP cryptography protocol and co-founder of PGP Corporation; and Jon Callas, creator of Apple's whole disk encryption software and also a PGP Corporation co-founder. Silent Circle is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. Visit us at

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