We are all excited about Blackphone 2’s Silent OS update to 3.0 including the new Privacy Meter, CIDS and Marshmallow.

The Bad News: On release, a small but problematic issue was found. Installation of 3.0 resulted in data corruption when the encryption password had a special character. The path from there required a hard reset which we found unacceptable as we expect you would too! The root cause stems from Qualcomm’s HW encryption crypto library which did not correctly handle passwords containing certain characters, following the OS upgrade. Other phones using this same HW encryption have experienced the same issue and, unfortunately, this was not caught in QA since it’s such a corner case.

The Good News: We have the solution and are now building Silent OS 3.0-a which we expect to be ready for re-release Monday, June 27th.

You’ll experience Silent OS 3.0 very soon, and you’re going to love it! Thank you for your patience and enjoy your privacy.