Privacy is a right.

In order to keep ahead of the continually changing digital landscape, Circle and Geeksphone developed an updated PrivatOS for Blackphone.

This may seem like something we can all agree on. But technology has made this an ideal that is increasingly hard to obtain. And it slips further away from us with each second.

We don’t have a moment to lose.

That’s why Silent Circle and Geeksphone started the Blackphone Project. We want to put you back in control of your data. And with that, we’re proud to announce the release of an updated version of PrivatOS, coming to your Blackphone this week.

We know we need to stay ahead of the continually changing digital landscape. It’s why we’ve built Over The Air updates into our core product proposition. Our newest PrivatOS update will be the 5th such release since we launched the product – not bad for a company with a product that only launched this past June. You’ll also notice the addition of the K-9 email service. Particularly with it being Open Source Software, we believe this is one of the most secure email clients around and one that we’re happy to host on our device.

To build a truly private phone, you have to build a truly private company. It’s the reason we’re headquartered in Switzerland, where the laws are better designed to protect peoples’ privacy. To further reinforce our commitment, we’ve also launched a new brand identity today. The logo itself was inspired by security and data systems that put the user in control. And you’ll notice a more elegant and refined design throughout all of our presence, alongside a new color palette.

Continually seeking new, secure applications and an updated operating system are just steps along the path to achieve our goal of becoming the default thought leader in the privacy space, setting the standards for our collective privacy and creating the digital world we should live in.

Our privacy is indeed a right. Together, we can keep it that way.

We hope you’ll come on this journey with us.

Kind regards

Rob Smith

VP Marketing, Silent Circle & Blackphone.