Plugging Mobile Data Leaks in a Multi-Platform World

Global reach and BYOD result in enterprises needing multiple security and policy solutions to address different types of potential cyber threats. Learn more.

It has never been more important to stay connected as an enterprise. Global reach means conducting business every second of the day and maintaining active communication across every digital medium, be it email, phone calls, social media, video conferencing or text messaging.

That connectedness comes with a challenge that grows daily – our digital footprint. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for securing enterprise communication. In the office, desktop computers and phones are hardwired. These require a single approach. Critical servers, on the other hand, require both digital and physical barriers to access. Laptops, tablets and mobile phones move between the office and home, airports and hotels – in and out of threat environments – and are passed between different employees. Contractors and vendors may need temporary access to secure communication with employees, but that access must be easy to revoke when contracts are completed.

Complicating this further is the prevalence of bring your own device (BYOD) policies, resulting in more mobile data leakage. With employees increasingly bringing their own devices into office environments, enterprises must determine how to secure technology from many different manufacturers, running a sprawling range of software versions – and in the hands of employees who want to use those devices for work and play.

No single product or service can address all of these concerns. To achieve privacy for their employees and their business, enterprises must implement a combination of security and policy that’s customised for their specific needs. Within this approach, multiple solutions are needed to address the many different types of potential threats – and those solutions must work well together, without unreasonable infrastructure demands or a difficult learning curve for employees.

This is why Silent Circle’s enterprise privacy platform was designed to integrate with existing security solutions, letting enterprises deploy privacy at every level of business without needing to uproot current technologies or add complex infrastructures. We understand that you have solutions in place that you want to keep. Our goal is to work alongside them and provide a more complete solution.

Just as there’s no single solution to securing enterprise communication or data leakage, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to privacy. What works for one organisation may not work for another, just as what works for one group today may not work for them tomorrow. We designed our platform to be flexible and customisable, to make privacy easier not only for end users, but also for the people who keep things running.

Finally, the enterprise privacy platform is designed to be multifaceted. Old security architectures were built from multiple solutions that each targeted one piece of a large vulnerability pyramid, whether that piece was hardware, software, supporting services or employees themselves.

Silent Circle’s platform offers privacy at every level of business, from devices to software to services – empowering your employees to protect their privacy and yours. The first component of the platform, Blackphone 2, can be easily deployed among existing solutions to provide secure mobile communications. It’s a solution that includes hardware, software and services to address vulnerabilities you and your employees face every day. Blackphone 2 Security Center puts you in control of enterprise data leakage at the device and app level.

Ready for integration with major mobile device management (MDM) systems and Android for Work, Blackphone 2 can live among a BYOD environment, or as a BYOD device itself. Easy to deploy and set up, it puts privacy directly within your enterprise and your employees’ hands with a familiar Android environment, and without a cumbersome learning curve or compromises against functionality.

Blackphone 2 comes with Silent Phone, our mobile app that offers encrypted calling, video conferencing, texts and file transfer, so you can communicate securely with employees on other iOS or Android devices. That means you don’t have to outfit your entire enterprise with new phones to communicate securely from the start.

Blackphone 2 and the Silent Circle enterprise privacy platform are ready for the challenges facing you and your enterprise. We’re here to make privacy easier – for everyone.

- Bill Conner, President and CEO