News From The World Of Government Spyware

Learn more about the FinFisher hack, leaked documents, and any potential compromise to Silent Circle's base system.

We have gotten a report that the commercial/government spyware system FinFisher has themselves been hacked and that documents, code, etc. have been posted online. Our friends who have looked at some of these leaked documents have told us that they have a module using some set of malware to get to the video camera of a cell phone. We have been told that there are decode modules for pictures and video of a variety of systems including Silent Phone.

Our understanding is that this is a compromise of the base system itself, and not our apps or services. We also understand that this requires a jail broken or rooted device to work at all. We are evaluating our software and systems to see if there is anything we need to do ourselves. We will let you know more as we do.