Silent Circle’s Enterprise Privacy Platform was built upon the company’s original founding purpose: to offer privacy in the face of widespread data surveillance and collection. Our network was built from the ground up by our professionals, for professionals, to let users conduct business without fear.

In 2011, Mike Janke, former U.S. Navy SEAL and security specialist, approached Phil Zimmermann, cryptography legend (Internet Hall of Fame inductee; creator of PGP and ZRTP) about a partnership to create the world’s first communications network built for privacy. Jon Callas, creator of Apple’s Whole Disk Encryption, joined as CTO and Silent Circle’s founding team was made. Their idea was to create an encrypted communications service with easy-to-use tools available to all who appreciate a little control over who has access to their conversations.

The company entered into a joint venture to create Blackphone, the world’s first privacy-focused smartphone. In early 2015, Silent Circle bought out the partnership to facilitate end-to-end ownership of the Enterprise Privacy Platform, furthering the founders’ initial vision.

Silent Circle has matured into the world’s most trusted solution for mobile privacy serving individuals, businesses, and governments in over 130 countries with a truly revolutionary ecosystem of software, services, and devices. Headquartered in Switzerland with employees in eight countries, Silent Circle has revolutionized how the world communicates – securely.