Silent Circle Unleashes The Software And Cloud-Portion Of Its Enterprise Privacy Platform

Silent Circle's Enterprise Privacy Platform is a revolutionary set of secure software, services and devices designed to deliver privacy to organizations.

Silent Circle today announced the official release of its Enterprise Privacy Platform: a revolutionary set of secure software, services and devices designed to deliver privacy to business and government organizations of all sizes.

"Building on the momentum of our Blackphone 2 launch, I'm proud to unleash all the work we have done on rebuilding our software and cloud-based Enterprise Privacy Platform," said Bill Conner, President and CEO of Silent Circle. "Our platform delivers unprecedented secure communications with the enterprise management controls necessary for auditing and general oversight." Conner continued: "Now governments and global enterprises have a new choice in secure communications that didn't exist before, across any Android or iOS device."

The new Silent Manager gives designated administrators a simple and easy way to oversee their organization's use of the Silent Circle platform through a web-based management interface. It provides at-a-glance overviews of current users, groups, and plans, as well as a newsfeed showing relevant Silent Circle information like updates to Silent Circle apps. "With the web management capability, administrators can add or remove users individually or in multiples - making Silent Circle accounts easy to deploy as needed," said Conner. Silent Manager also allows for the creation of subscription codes, which can be used to distribute services outside of email or traditional business environments.

The company's Silent Phone app, which encrypts VoIP and messaging services for any iOS or Android device, is now available. Subscribe to Silent Phone for just $9.95 per month.

Silent Phone is available at the Apple App store and Google Play.

Silent World – a new type of calling capability – is a feature of Silent Phone that provides enhanced security and flexibility on any mobile device (iOS or Android). It extends the reach of Silent Phone's encrypted calling to regular mobile and landline numbers to 439 destinations, allowing for private conversations to effectively anyone in the world - even to people who don't currently use Silent Phone.

The release of the Enterprise Privacy Platform comes shortly after the highly successful launch of Silent Circle's Blackphone 2, a smart-phone built from the ground up to be private by design and protect communication and data everywhere - not just inside company walls. "Blackphone 2 combines an enhanced Android operating system - Silent OS - and comes with the Silent Phone app pre-loaded. It's designed to keep your enterprise and personal information secure," adds Conner.

"Cyber security - and in particular the threats posed by data leakage from mobile devices - has become a critical issue for enterprise as organizations face persistent threats to the privacy and security of mobile communications" said Conner. "With escalating network surveillance and monitoring combined with sophisticated eavesdropping across global networks, the increased use of mobile devices in a business setting provides great opportunities but also great risk. Your company's information is likely to be compromised when mobile devices are used without sufficient consideration for privacy and security."

Andrew Pinder CBE, who was recently appointed to the company's Board Of Directors said "Silent Circle has matured into the world's most trusted solution for mobile and enterprise privacy - serving individuals, businesses and governments around the world with a truly revolutionary ecosystem of software, services and devices."

"Learning from the lessons of the attack on Sony, traditional security solutions have failed global enterprises," Pinder explained. "What's more, these breaches have evolved to have a much greater potential impact. They now put every customer, employee and partner at risk and are rapidly eroding the trust people have in enterprises. That's why Silent Circle has developed a platform with a range of powerful solutions - allowing any business to apply the combination of solutions that works best for them."

Details of new, enterprise specific features for simple and near-immediate privacy deployment to your organization - with no hardware, maintenance or training required:

Enterprise Privacy Platform Capabilities:

  • Silent Manager now includes Active Directory Single Sign-On and LDAP integration
  • Customer-specific compliance requirements for auditing purposes
  • Compartmentalization of groups within an organization
  • Expanded Silent World access to 439 destinations - call effectively anywhere in the world from within Silent Phone app
  • Silent Phone Telephone Numbers – receive calls from anyone on Silent Phone; virtual dual SIM for any phone
  • Secure Video and Conference Calling
  • SMS invitations to non-members
  • More economic options to interconnect businesses and allow them the privacy they need to mitigate risk and maximize success. Silent Phone is now available at two subscriptions levels – Basic and Plus

Silent Phone Plus provides full functionality, including ability to send attachments up to 100MB; secure messaging storage up to 90 days; video and conference calling; voice mail; multi-device support; and full customer service. New features include:

  • Secure Calls and Messaging - unlimited member to member encrypted talk and text
  • Conference calling and video calls
  • Burn messages from 1 min to 90 days
  • Send attachments securely - up to 100MB per transmission
  • Voice mail from non-Member calls (tab in settings for set-up and management)
  • Multi-device support
  • Direct Customer Support access
  • $9.95 per month per user

Silent Phone Basic offers unlimited peer-to-peer encrypted voice calling and text messaging; receive attachments; incoming video calls; participate in conference calling between members - annual membership fee of $5.

About Silent Circle:

Silent Circle is a world leader in secure communications, delivered through a revolutionary Enterprise Privacy Platform of devices, software and services, built on open-source ZRTP technology and a fundamentally different, cloud-based, mobile architecture.

Led by Bill Conner, the former Entrust President and CEO and Nortel President, Silent Circle was co-founded by Mike Janke, former Navy SEAL and security expert; Phil Zimmermann, co-founder of PGP, developer of the ZRTP protocol and 2015 inductee into the Internet Hall of Fame; and Jon Callas, creator of Apple's whole disk encryption software and Co-founder of PGP Corporation.

Silent Circle is headquartered in Switzerland, home of the world's best privacy laws. For more information on Silent Circle, go to: