Silent Circle Featured In

Silent Circle’s newest technology was recently featured in two articles on Read more.

In 2015, Silent Circle’s products were featured an article on due to its new developments in high-grade encryption technologies and solutions. In the article, author Devin Coldewey discusses the public’s interest in more secure mobile technologies following a recent wave of cybersecurity attacks and leaks. The article reviewed Silent Circle’s technology capabilities in detail and promotes it as a good option that can help overcome encryption concerns.

Another article written by Leslie Meredith in June 2013 discusses newer, more robust technologies that are aimed at eliminating the prominent issue of government snooping. The article came on the heels of a story that the U.S. government had been secretly collecting the phone records of millions of Verizon customers for years, specifically business landline users. Although this was entirely legal, the article points out that people and businesses with privacy concerns have options when it comes to mobile technology. Silent Circle’s encryption technology is featured in the article as a viable option for people with mobile privacy concerns.