Silent Circle and Kerveros Pledge To Secure Enterprises Across The Globe

In the face of growing threats of data breach, Silent Circle partners with Kerveros to offer scalable software and hardware solutions for enterprises.

With the growing threat of enterprise data breaches, Silent Circle continues to spread the message that business organizations need greater technology integration and devices that will secure data and communications in a variety of mobile environments. To further its mission of providing enterprises with cutting-edge mobile security, Silent Circle recently announced a partnership with Kerveros to offer scalable software and hardware solutions for enterprises throughout the world.

Kerveros has a vast network of dedicated experts and distribution hubs, making it one of the most notable distribution partners in the world.This partnership gives Kerveros the opportunity to specialize in the distribution of the Silent Phone and Blackphone while promoting their business, brand, and awareness throughout the industry. Silent Circle and Kerveros will work together to provide enterprises worldwide with secure data and business communications via mobile devices

Silent Circle’s innovative Blackphone is created solely for the purpose of providing businesses with a completely secure mobile device that offers a seamless user experience, familiar Android environment, and frequently used apps and services. The Blackphone also gives the user complete control over when and how data is shared. Blackphone 2 offers support for MDM services and Android for Work, as well as Silent Phone software that was created and designed to provide a fail-safe method of secure communications and file transfer on any device.

Silent Circle’s enterprise products are distributed across the globe to some of the most challenging enterprises such as government organizations and top corporations. Learn more about Silent Circle’s unprecedented products and solutions. Learn more about Kerveros and Silent Circle, or read the full press release.