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Simple and affordable plans that make mobile privacy available to everyone.

Encrypted Talk and Text for All

Silent Suite - Unlimited Talk & Text Among Members
No Roaming Charges. Unlimited Inbound Calls from Anyone.
Silent World connects you to non-members with the protection
of your Silent Phone app wherever you are. Enjoy Your Privacy.

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* Services can be paid monthly or annually. Monthly minutes are reflective of Silent World minutes.

** Silent World currently supports outbound calling to 124 destinations. See details here.

† Silent World is not designed to support emergency calling.

Silent Suite

Member to Member only. Low cost, easy to use, private communications service that includes Silent Phone & Silent Text for voice, video, text and file transfer on your mobile devices

Secure Communication At Its Best

The apps deliver the encryption. Whether you are calling, texting, video chatting, or sending files, we have you covered.


Blackphone’s combination of a custom operating system with hand picked application tools optimizes for security. The result: an unparalleled product ideal for information workers, executives, public figures, and anyone else unwilling to give up their privacy.


Remote Wipe & Protect

Have peace of mind in knowing that you have control over your data from anywhere in the world.


Secure Search & Browsing

Browse the Internet with the confidence that nobody is looking over your shoulder.


Blackphone Security Center

Gives you complete control over the flow of data to and from the applications and services on your device.


Compatible With Any GSM Carrier

No contract obligations so your Blackphone is yours to use, configure, and modify to your own desire.

Privacy, Choice, Control

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