Types of Spaces

In addition to your Silent Space, you can create up to two other Spaces on your Blackphone. There are two types of Spaces you can create: Personal spaces or Downloaded spaces.

Personal Spaces

Personal spaces are entirely customizable. You decide what to call them, which apps live in them, and even what kind of access a Space itself gets – whether you can make phone calls from the Space, if it has access to your location, and so on. Personal spaces let you design and control separate areas to meet your own unique needs and privacy concerns.

Downloaded Spaces

Downloaded spaces are generated by scanning a QR code. Settings for these Spaces are determined by a third party: for example, your employer may want to create a Downloaded Space on your device specifically for your work apps and data; or the organizers of a conference may offer a Space that includes the conference program, maps, and supporting materials. When the conference is over, you can easily delete the whole Space.

Now that you know about the different types of Spaces, let’s move on to Creating a Space.