Managing Apps in Spaces

From the SPACES tab in Security Center, you can select the “Configure per Space applications” option to decide which apps you want in which Spaces on your phone.

The Spaces Settings screen will first show you a list of all of the applications on your phone, labeled “All Applications.” If you tap on an app in the list, you’ll see whether or not it’s enabled in each of your Spaces – the box next to each Space name will be checked if the app is installed there.

If you swipe to the right of the “All Applications” list, you can get the same information in a different view. Each screen is for a different Space, and shows whether or not the apps on your device are enabled in that Space. If an app is not installed in a particular Space, you can check the box next to it to enable it there; if you want to remove an app from a particular Space, just uncheck the box. (You will be warned that that app’s data will also be removed.)

Remember, each Space is separate: if you install an app in both your Silent Space and a Personal Space, each instance of the app will remain completely separate. They will not share any data, including login information, files, or settings!

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