Creating a Space

To create a new Space on your Blackphone, you’ll use the new SPACES tab in the Blackphone Security Center. From your Silent Space, open the Security Center app and tap the SPACES tab.

This section will show you a list of the Spaces currently on your device. If you haven’t created any new Spaces yet, you’ll only see the Silent Space. Beneath that, you’ll see the option “Create a new Space.” Tap on it to start the process of creating a new Space.You’ll see a pop-up asking what kind of Space you want to create: Personal or QR code. Unless you have a QR code to scan, you should select Personal.You’ll be asked to name your new Personal space. Type a name and tap Create.

At this point, if you have third-party apps on your device (that is, apps that were not included with the Blackphone and/or were not installed from the Silent Store), the system may prompt you to install these apps in your new Personal space. Blackphone recommends running third-party apps in a Personal space rather than the Silent Space, to keep your data separate and secure. Select any apps that you would like to copy to your Personal space. (Please note that app data will not be moved. Each app will act as though it’s been freshly installed in your new Personal space.)

You can also opt to remove these applications from your Silent Space, which will delete the app data in addition to removing the apps.

After your new Personal space has been created, you’ll see it in your list of Spaces in the Security Center SPACES tab. By tapping on the name of the Space, you can choose to edit the new Space’s settings, or switch to it. Try tapping on your new Space and selecting “Go to Space settings.”

The Spaces Settings screen will show you all of the available Space-level options for your newly created Personal space. You can decide whether or not the Space and the apps installed in it can access your location, use your data or WiFi connections, use Bluetooth, make phone calls, and more. You can also opt to delete your user data every time you leave the Space, or stop all apps when you leave the Space. These settings can be changed at any time from the Security Center.
From this screen, you can also customize a Space’s icon, or delete the Space entirely. By clicking on the paintbrush icon at the top of the screen, you can select a custom icon and color for your new Space.

To delete the Space, click the trashcan icon at the top of the screen. This will open a sub-menu where you can either remove the Space (deleting it from your phone) or delete all of its user data.

Now that you’ve created a new Space, let’s find out how to Switch Between Spaces.