Welcome to Spaces

Spaces is an implementation of the Secure Spaces solution from Graphite Software. Spaces allows you to create and manage separate “containers” on your Blackphone, keeping the apps and data in each Space separate from all of the others. It’s like having multiple phones on just one device.

When you launch PrivatOS 1.1, you’ll be in your “Silent Space” – a default Space that includes the Silent Suite and other Blackphone-selected apps that ship with the phone. In addition to the Silent Space, you can create up to two other Spaces: keep work data separate from personal data; create a Space just for social media or games; or create a Space safe for kids to use without giving them access to your more important apps and information. Create whatever Spaces you can dream up, and control the access given to each one.

You can learn more about the Types of Spaces you can create on the next page.