SIM & Battery

Before you can use your phone, you need to install a Micro-SIM card as well as the included battery. If you want to install a Micro-SD card for extra storage, you can also do so at this time.

A subscriber identity module, or SIM, is a portable memory card that contains information needed for your phone to operate on a GSM mobile phone network. In order to use your Blackphone, you will need to install a Micro-SIM provided by your carrier of choice. Please note that cheap, poorly-trimmed Micro-SIM cards may be slightly too small and may not work well in the Blackphone (or any other device). If you use such a card and it is not seated well, trying to poke or prod it out with a paperclip or a similar implement can destroy your SIM slot. Please be sure to use the right size SIM card!

    1. To insert your Micro-SIM, remove the back cover of the phone. There is a small groove on the bottom left side of the cover that you can use to carefully pull the cover away from the phone.
    2. Locate the Micro-SIM card slot, which is on the right side (see diagram). Carefully slide the Micro-SIM into the slot in the direction indicated on the phone and in the diagram, with the contacts facing down.
    3. If you choose to install a Micro-SD card for additional file storage, you can do so at this time. Carefully slide the card into the left slot until it clicks into place.
    4. When you have finished installing your Micro-SIM (and Micro-SD card if desired), slide the included battery into place and replace the back cover. Make sure that the cover snaps fully back into place.

Reminder: If you want to encrypt your Blackphone’s storage during the setup process, it will need to be plugged in and the battery must be charged to at least 80%. If you want to encrypt your device during this process, we suggest plugging in your phone and letting it charge to at least 80% before you continue.

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