Blackphone Security Center

Blackphone Security Center gives you control over how much access individual apps get to your personal data. By default, newly installed apps will be prevented from accessing personal information like location, email, and contacts. You can change these settings at any time using the Security Center.

Access the Security Center by clicking on the app’s icon, which is on your phone’s home screen by default. Review the “Intro” page to turn Default Privacy Settings on or off, and to see whether or not you have Remote Wipe enabled. (If you do not, you can configure it in the next step.)

Within Security Center, applications are classified by category: Blackphone apps are those provided by Blackphone and its partners, while other apps are classified by the types of permissions they request when installed. Note that applications may appear in more than one category; for example, a Camera app could request access to your Blackphone’s location in addition to your phone’s audio and video (in order to tag photos you take with a location). Take a moment to scroll through the different tabs and see what permissions your applications are requesting — you may be surprised.

Tap on the name of an application to view ALL of the permissions granted to the app and edit them individually.

When you’re ready, let’s set up Remote Wipe.