Remote Wipe

Remote Wipe lets you power off your phone, kill specific applications through its “Brace for Impact” feature, or completely wipe the Blackphone remotely in the event of theft or loss through You need to set up Remote Wipe in order to be able to use it later, so we recommend you set it up now.

Access Remote Wipe through Security Center if you have it open, or by clicking the Remote Wipe app’s icon on your phone’s home screen.

Device Password. Create a passphrase specific to this Blackphone. It must be at least 12 characters and will be tied to your specific device. Blackphone will not have access to your password and cannot reset it if you forget it. If you forget this passphrase, the only way to set up your Blackphone for Remote Wipe again will be to perform a full factory reset!

Management Portal Credentials. Create a username and password that you will use to log in to Your password must be at least 12 characters. Supply an email address to associate with these credentials; if you forget your management portal password, you can request a new password to be sent to your email address. (If you already have a Blackphone management portal account, click “Sign In” to enter your credentials.)

Name your Blackphone. Enter a name for your Blackphone. When you log in to the Blackphone management website, you’ll be able to easily identify your Blackphone via this name (in case you have more than one device associated with the management portal). Click Finish.

Sensitive Applications. After you’ve configured your management portal account and Remote Wipe passphrase, you can designate certain applications as “sensitive”. Any application that you classify as sensitive will be forced to quit when you use the “Brace for Impact” feature at the Blackphone management portal. You may want to consider including apps with sensitive information like email or messaging clients. You can update this list at any time by accessing the Remote Wipe app.

If you ever need to remotely kill sensitive apps, power off your Blackphone, or totally wipe its contents, visit the management portal and log in with the credentials you created. You will then need the Remote Wipe passphrase you created.

You’ve now set up your device’s screen lock, data connection, device encryption, activated the licenses for the included apps, reviewed Security Center, and set up Remote Wipe. Time to finish application setup so that you can use your Blackphone for encrypted calling and messaging, private search and browsing, and secure file storage.

To find out more about setting up and using the included applications, use the entries under the “Included Applications” menu. And remember, you can always find detailed support information and request help at