Activation Wizard

You’re ready to set up your Blackphone! The Activation Wizard walks you through features like PIN/password protection and device encryption, and helps you activate included applications like Silent Phone, Silent Text, and Disconnect. There are six steps in the Activation Wizard, outlined below.

  1. Language Selection. First, select the language you want to use during the Activation Wizard.
  2. PIN/Password Setup. To protect others from using your phone and accessing your data, set up a PIN or password for screen lock. Screen lock is activated whenever your device’s display turns off (either from inactivity or after briefly pressing the Power button), and you’ll need to enter your PIN or password when you turn the display back on.
  3. Device Encryption. Encrypting your device’s internal storage protects your data when your Blackphone is turned off. We recommend encrypting your device as part of the setup process. You should expect it to take approximately half an hour. Important Note: device encryption does not encrypt data on a MicroSD card, if you’ve installed one.
  4. Data Connectivity. In order to activate the suite of applications included on your Blackphone, you will need either a mobile data connection or an active WiFi connection. WiFi is recommended. Use the “Connect to the Internet” screen to select a WiFi network or select the “Use Cellular Data” option if you don’t want to connect to WiFi at this time. Note that data network usage charges may apply. Important Note: You cannot connect to a WPA-enterprise network (PEAP, TTLS, etc) during the Activation Wizard. To connect to a WPA-enterprise network, wait until you have completed the Activation Wizard. (For more information, click here.)
  5. Activating Applications. Blackphone includes a suite of applications designed to protect your data, calls, and texts. To activate these applications (including Silent Phone, Silent Text, and Disconnect), use the Activation Wizard to scan the QR code that was included with your Blackphone’s packaging. This will activate the licenses for all three products.
  6. Saving License Information. After you’ve scanned your QR code, you have the option of receiving a copy of your application license codes by email. Enter your email address to receive a copy for safe keeping.

Ready to move on? Let’s get you started with the Blackphone Security Center.