Letter From The CEO

Read Bill Conner's letter, describing the importance role that encryption plays in maintaining digital security in everyday life.

Silent Circle, the company which I am proud to lead, has been delivering peer-to-peer encryption technology to governments, enterprises and consumers for over 3 years. Whilst we understand the concerns about bad people using technology for their evil designs, we believe it is vital to provide technology that our enterprise and government customers can use and count on to be protected against all potential intruders or interlopers.

Of course, encryption plays an important part of maintaining digital security in everyday life—from online banking and corporate intellectual property to the communications of our governments and intelligence services. But when tragic and abhorrent events happen, the focus inevitably turns to whether encryption is being used for hostile purposes instead.

That’s why Silent Circle will continue to focus on responsibly delivering solutions to our customers without ever compromising the highest standards of security and privacy.

Ninety-five percent of Silent Circle’s subscription base consists of enterprise and government users with negotiated contracts, including military and law enforcement agencies fighting the fight against Daesh and other criminal networks. As a paid subscription service, we require from anyone seeking to use our service basic financial information that helps us to vet who we sell our services to.

We provide secure communications—not anonymity—and we will not tolerate bad actors using our service.

So, we will continue to be transparent in how we protect your communications and how we vet our members, but we will also continue to advocate the responsible use of end-to-end encryption to protect the legitimate concerns of businesses, governments and individuals.

Over the past few decades, my leadership team and I have helped lead the charge to protect governments and enterprises around the world—this we will continue to do. Simply put, Silent Circle believes that the good guys deserve access to uncompromised secure communications to carry out their work.

So on behalf of Silent Circle—especially the cryptographers and former special operators who founded the company—we are proud to provide a trusted service that better protects those who protect us.

Bill Conner President and CEO Silent Circle