Spaces Sharing On Your Blackphone 2

With Blackphone 2, the optional Spaces Sharing feature can let you share files between spaces on your device. Note that Spaces Sharing can be completely disabled for a space when you create it or at any point after — if you do not want to be able to share files from a given space with other spaces, you can disable it from Security Center.

To share a file from one space to another, view the file you want to share from File Manager or another application (for example, you can view images you want to share in the Photos app).

To use File Manage as an example, open the File Manage app and navigate to the file you want to share with another space. Long-press on the name of the file to bring up the Actions menu:

From this menu, tap Send to bring up a list of apps you can send the file to:

Select “Spaces Sharing” from the list and tap SEND. This will bring up a list of other spaces on your device with which you can share the file.

Tap the name of the space you want to share the selected file with:

You’ll see a note that the file(s) have been successfully shared.

When you switch to the other space, open the “Spaces Sharing” app to view all files that have been shared with the space.

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