Security Center: Set Default Privacy Level

Silent OS gives you control over individual app permissions, so that you can decide whether a particular app gets access to your camera, your contacts, your location, and so on. It also supports setting a default “Privacy level” that will apply to any newly installed apps from that point forward.

To set the default privacy level for newly installed apps, tap “Privacy level” in Security Center:

This setting has three options:

  • Deny all
  • Allow all
  • Default

“Deny all” will deny any and all permissions requests from newly installed apps.

“Allow all” will give newly installed apps access to any permissions they request.

“Default” will leave the Android default behavior, which will ask whenever apermission is required:

If you set the privacy level to “Default” and then installed a new app called App Name, you would see that prompt the first time the app requested access to a particular permission — in this case, location. You can deny or allow the request, and tick the “Remember” box if you want the app to always be denied or given access to that particular permission in the future.

Note that not all permissions requests are suspicious or nefarious. Some requests may seem unnecessary but are simply a bit less obvious: a keyboard app may request access to your microphone to support voice-to-text typing, or example.

After you set the default privacy level for newly installed apps, you can still make further changes to permissions for specific apps in another section of Security Center.