Managing Spaces On Your Blackphone 2

You can manage all of the spaces on your Blackphone 2 from the Security Center app in your owner space. You’ve already seen how to add a new space — by tapping on the plus sign from Security Center. You can also remove a space from the same menu: just tap the trash can icon to the right of the space you want to delete.

Note that when you delete a space, ALL of the data and application settings in that space will be removed permanently. You will not be able to recover them. If you want to proceed, tap YES.

You can also adjust space-specific settings from within the Security Center. (Note that you need to be in your owner space to adjust settings for any Personal or Silent spaces on the device.)

From the Security Center in the Owner Space, tap “Manage Space” and tap the name of the Space whose settings you want to adjust. This will display details about the space and give you a list of permissions that can be set for the space as a whole.

From this screen you can rename the space; customize the icon that appears for it in the spaces switcher; wipe all of the data in the space; or set space-wide permissions like allowing or denying outgoing phone calls, sending text messages, sharing location, and more. These settings are all easily controlled with checkbox settings.

Note that when you set a permission for a space, it will affect all of the apps within that space. For example, if you disable microphone access for a space, you will not be able to use voice-to-text typing in that space.

Security Center can also help you add or delete apps from your individual spaces. Click to learn about Managing Apps in Spaces.