Silent Store

The Silent Store, which you can find in the default Silent Space as of PrivatOS 1.1, offers apps that have been reviewed by Silent Circle for reasonable security-minded coding and implementation practices. Each app’s requested permissions are listed explicitly, so that you can download with confidence.

As of PrivatOS 1.1, the Silent Store application also replaces the App Updater to keep applications that ship with the Blackphone up to date. By default, App Updater will check for updates every day and notify you when an update is available.

When you open the Silent Store, you’ll see a featured list of applications available for download. If you swipe to the right, you’ll find a screen labeled “All” that shows all available apps in the Silent Store. Tapping on any app will open a screen with detailed information about the app and its permissions. If you have not yet installed the app on your Blackphone, you’ll see an “Install” button; if the app is already on your phone, you’ll see a button that will let you immediately open the app.
If you swipe to the left from the main Silent Store page, you’ll see a list of applications already installed on your Blackphone and their current status. If updates are available for any of them, Silent Store will notify you. You can also swipe down on this page to force the Silent Store to immediately check for updates to your apps.

There are three settings for the Silent Store application, which you can access by opening the app and tapping on the overflow menu icon on the top right, then selecting “Settings”.

  • Automatically check: if checked, the app will check for updates to your apps (and itself) every day
  • Notify when available: if checked, the app will notify you when updates are available
  • Wi-Fi only: if checked, updates will only be downloaded when the device is on a wireless network. This prevents the Silent Store from using your mobile device’s data plan to download updates

Blackphone recommends that you keep the default settings enabled to check for updates every day and be notified when they are available. This will ensure that you maintain access to the latest features and security updates for your apps.