Secure Wireless

Disconnect’s Secure Wireless app lets you encrypt your connection when using unsecured wireless networks, as you might at a coffee shop or an airport. To start using it, open the Secure Wireless app by tapping on its icon.

Secure Wireless offers a brief tour on first use to learn more about the app and how to use it. If you miss the tour, you can access it by clicking the overflow icon on the top right of the app and selecting “Retake Tour.”

You can use Secure Wireless in three different modes: always on, automatic, and manual. Choose between modes via the Settings page, which you can access from the overflow icon.

  • Always On: Secure Wireless will send all of your traffic over a secure Virtual Wireless Network (VPN), even if you are on a trusted wireless network
  • Automatic: Secure Wireless will automatically connect you to a secure VPN whenever you use an unsecured wireless network, but will turn off the VPN when you’re on a trusted network. This lets you avoid using data against your Secure Wireless plan quota while on networks you have explicitly listed as “trusted” in the app, such as your wireless network at home
  • Manual: Secure Wireless will only connect you to a secure VPN when you explicitly tell it to do so

The main screen of the app includes a “master switch” you can use to turn Secure Wireless on or off. This screen will also show the amount of data you have used against your Secure Wireless account quota.