Protect your business behind
a shield of privacy

Silent Circle Enterprise Mobile Privacy Platform delivers flexible, modular, no-touch deployment with zero maintenance, hardware or additional manpower required. If trusted communications matter, trust your security to Silent Circle.

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Who we are

We were founded by some of the best minds in mobile technology, encryption, security and privacy.
Silent Circle keeps conversations between employees, customers and partners private.

Gregg Smith / CEO

Gregg Smith, a security and mobile technology industry veteran with 20+ years of experience, and most recently CEO of Optio Labs, joins Silent Circle as the new CEO. Gregg is a much sought-after speaker at mobile, wireless, and security industry events, and he brings his thought leadership and expertise to Silent Circle team.

Hamilton Turner / Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Hamilton Turner, author of 20+ peer-reviewed publications on mobile-cloud systems and co-creator of the OptioCore custom smartphone OS, is Silent Circle’s Chief Technology Officer. Hamilton has 10+ years of experience in mobile security, and was previously the CTO of OptioLabs. He holds a B.E. from Vanderbilt University and an M.E. and Ph.D. from Virginia Tech.

Blair Young / Chief Product Officer
Crystal Arriaga / Director of HR
Andy Meister / VP of Engineering
Pat Geritz / VP of Sales Americas
Gerry Murphy / VP of Sales EMEA
Francis O’Connor / VP of Finance

Our customers

Our customers are C-level executives, directors, managers and technology specialists who are aggressively focused on business growth and optimizing operations for their organization.

Unlike other mobile security communications firms, we carefully consider the business impact behind all our products and services. We continuously ask ourselves: How can we add value to an organization’s bottom line? With Silent Circle, enterprise value gets delivered in a package protected by the world’s most advanced technology against cyberthreats. The solutions we provide are not just superior at blocking man-in-the-middle attacks or eavesdropping, they are also powerful business tools that improve day-to-day operations.

Silent Circle’s reputation extends far beyond hindering a security breach. We also pride ourselves on providing leading edge technology, a fluid UX, and increased opportunities for your enterprise to move forward with its mission.

To learn more about how Silent Circle secures global businesses, download our case studies.

Industries we serve

Around the world, Silent Circle is deployed at full scale in both public and private organizations.

Major pharmaceutical companies protecting R&D activities

Government organizations protecting mission critical communications both in and out of country

Global consulting and accounting firms protecting sensitive client information

Global energy, oil and gas companies

High tech businesses protecting intellectual property and M&A activity

Manufacturing companies
protecting business communications on a global scale

Privacy is increasingly under threat in today’s mobile world